Generous gifts from Rachel's Kids


Dr. Rachel Navaneelan, of Rachel’s Kids Development Fund, visited the preschool run by the YMHA in Moolai. This surprise visit was on February 3rd. Dr. Rachel was accompanied by other members from the organization.


Members of Rachel's Kids Development Fund

On the 6th, the troop returned with several gifts for the preschool children. Gifts included water bottles, backpacks, exercise books and other essential items for a school going child.


Dr. Rachel hails from the village of Moolai, now running a Family & Cosmetic Dental practice in Cornwall, (Ontario) Canada. Dr. Rachel established the Rachel’s Kids Development Fund and undertakes activities towards helping underprivileged children.


Dr. Rachel helped fund the building where the Moolai YMHA preschool runs out of. After conversations with the school teachers and the YMHA staff, Dr. Rachel has shown interest in helping to expand the facilities.


Members of Rachel's Kids Development Fund

Unfortunately, Dr. Rachel’s busy schedule prevented her from being present at the preschool on the 6th, but the smiles on the young faces were priceless, most likely bigger than the smiles they had on, the recently celebrated, Thai Pongal day.


Thank you Dr. Rachel and keep the good work up at Rachel’s Kids Development Fund.


Rachel's Kids Development Fund


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